Ascutney Harvest

Ascutney Harvest is a small-scale, human-powered, never-tilled farm in Ascutney, Vermont. Lauren and Oliver started the farm in 2021 and enjoy growing fresh, delicious seasonal vegetables for their local community. They sell at farmers markets, to local wholesale outlets, and are in the process of opening a farmstand.


Ascutney Harvest grows high-quality, long-lasting produce, including vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. They specialize in greens, and grow baby, head and bunching greens as well as other seasonal favorites like radishes, carrots, scallions, squash, peppers, and more.


Lebanon Farmers Market

Thursday 4 – 7

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Norwich Farmers Market

Saturday 9-1

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Ascutney Harvest is a never-tilled farm with practices that support soil health and the surrounding environment. They use hand tools, natural inputs, a water-conserving irrigation system, and aim to promote diversity of both cultivated and wild species.


Ascutney Harvest is currently using less than 1/4 acre for intensive vegetable production, while building infrastructure and planting perennials for the future. Lauren, Oliver and Marya aim to increase community access to high-quality, nutrient-dense food and to expand options for local and seasonal food. Systems on the farm are created with health of people and the environment in mind.

Lauren has always wanted to grow her own food, and has been farming for ten years. Oliver has many years of livestock farming and food co-op management experience, and is now operating his own construction business, Owen Enterprises. They met working on a vegetable farm and are enjoying building their own homestead. Marya has been growing and arranging dried flowers at their farm, Wood Frog Flowers. Marya and Lauren met as farmers market vendors. The three farmers are excited to combine enterprises, explore new models of farm viability, and to keep you up to date with their latest news!


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Phone: 802 230 5239

Address: 169 Cowdrey Rd, Windsor VT 05089

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